15 July, 2016

Terror attack in Nice - another blowback from military interventionism and political correctness

Terrorists have struck France again, this time it was a truck running over crowds of people celebrating the Bastille Day, July 14th, 2016.  And what does the French government say?  It was an act of horrible atrocity that will never break the will of the French nation in fighting terrorism.  So yet again, no honest self-reflection as to the causes.  Media around the world obediently parrots the usual government mantra and political correctness.

But I'll tell you why there's terrorism in Europe today, and why the world will never be the same again.  Here's a clue from a quote by Bashar al-Assad: "Terrorism is not a card you play and return to your pocket.  Like scorpion, it stings you any time."

In other words, in its supposed valiant effort in fighting terrorism, French government never looks into the mirror to face up its hypocrisy of enticing radical Muslims to commit acts of terrorism, first in their own countries in the Middle East, and then in Europe.  Who spread lies about supposed Gaddafi's murderous regime and bombed Libya out of existence with Rafale jets?  Who financed the false media campaign against Assad government and arming of moderate beheaders in Syria?  Well, you are not supposed to know that any of that even took place, and the mainstream media has done its job in making sure you never will.  Just keep watching CNN and BBC, sheeple!

Nation building foreign policy of the West, combined with jihadist nature of the true fundamentalist Islam, is the cause of misery for both the West and the Middle East today.  So long as the people of Europe are kept in dark about militaristic adventures and nation building by their governments in the Middle East, Europe will keep experiencing terrorist blowbacks.  Bringing our criminal governments to account will never cross our minds.  By arming and bombing Islamic countries, we entice them to jihad.  By practicing political correctness through refusing to criticize jihad and openly discuss virtues of that supposed 'religion of peace,' we inoculate ourselves from making any honest judgment about the politics of Islam for the fear of insulting muslims.

So here we have it: France financing moderate beheaders from the start, causing migratory waves of war refugees from Syria and elsewhere in Middle East to Europe, making it easy for jihadists to come to Europe and drive lorries into crowds of peaceful people out in streets celebrating freedom.  European public with zero clues about what is actually happening to them and politicians keeping their steady course unabated, complete madness!

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