19 June, 2014

A Conversation With David Friedman

A conversation with Dr. David Friedman about some of the solutions and potential issues of anarcho-capitalism, as well as possible ways of advancing ideas of free society and turning them into reality. 

Watch the entire interview in a YouTube playlist and with better resolution here

Part 1: Chaos, Anarchy, Capitalism, and Anarcho-capitalism.

Part 1 transcript available here

Part 2: Natural Rights vs Consequentialist Anarcho-Capitalism

Part 2 transcript available here

Part 3: Limitations of the Non-aggression Principle (NAP) & Protecting the Unprotected

Part 3 transcript available here

Part 4: Private vs Public Land Ownership

Part 4 transcript available here

Part 5: Protection Agencies vs Protection Rackets & Defending Against nations

Part 5 transcript available here

Part 6: Resolving Court Complaints, Non-aggression and Children, & Zero Role for the State.

Part 6 transcript available here

Part 7: Kejnesianism, Chicago School, Austrian School, & Anarcho-Capitalism.

Part 7 transcript available here

Part 8: Bringing the Machinery of Freedom Into Fruition & Ways of Advancing Libertarianism in General.

Part 8 transcript is available here