19 July, 2016

It's Time to Trash Political Correctness and Defend Values of the West From Jihadist Extremism

A teenage refugee from Afghanistan wielding an axe and yelling the words "Allah akbar" attacked and wounded passengers on a train in Germany, BBC has reported. And now you are going to tell me that this young man has committed a crime? If you think so, you are obviously either innocently ignorant or have your head stuck up in your ass and don't want to face up to the truth. And the truth is that this 'honorable' young man has only conducted a noble deed of propagating what his religion commands him: 'kill kafirs on sight'. And you kafir, do you have the guts to at least face up to the truth, or will you just continue satisfying yourself with exercising the 'virtues' of political correctness? Heavens forbid anyone criticizing the 'Religion of Peace' in defense of Western values, such islamophobes should be ostracized accordingly.

It is time that we trash the political correctness and start having a serious discussion about a compatibility of the values of the West and the values of the political Islam, especially the jihadist extremism. To be able to do so, we first need to start paying attention and doing some research. The following link is a great starting resource about the subject of Political Islam: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Uu4XnRS1hiz3JCpNFIuUg/videos

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