19 July, 2016

It's Time to Trash Political Correctness and Defend Values of the West From Jihadist Extremism

A teenage refugee from Afghanistan wielding an axe and yelling the words "Allah akbar" attacked and wounded passengers on a train in Germany, BBC has reported. And now you are going to tell me that this young man has committed a crime? If you think so, you are obviously either innocently ignorant or have your head stuck up in your ass and don't want to face up to the truth. And the truth is that this 'honorable' young man has only conducted a noble deed of propagating what his religion commands him: 'kill kafirs on sight'. And you kafir, do you have the guts to at least face up to the truth, or will you just continue satisfying yourself with exercising the 'virtues' of political correctness? Heavens forbid anyone criticizing the 'Religion of Peace' in defense of Western values, such islamophobes should be ostracized accordingly.

It is time that we trash the political correctness and start having a serious discussion about a compatibility of the values of the West and the values of the political Islam, especially the jihadist extremism. To be able to do so, we first need to start paying attention and doing some research. The following link is a great starting resource about the subject of Political Islam: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Uu4XnRS1hiz3JCpNFIuUg/videos

15 July, 2016

Terror attack in Nice - another blowback from military interventionism and political correctness

Terrorists have struck France again, this time it was a truck running over crowds of people celebrating the Bastille Day, July 14th, 2016.  And what does the French government say?  It was an act of horrible atrocity that will never break the will of the French nation in fighting terrorism.  So yet again, no honest self-reflection as to the causes.  Media around the world obediently parrots the usual government mantra and political correctness.

But I'll tell you why there's terrorism in Europe today, and why the world will never be the same again.  Here's a clue from a quote by Bashar al-Assad: "Terrorism is not a card you play and return to your pocket.  Like scorpion, it stings you any time."

In other words, in its supposed valiant effort in fighting terrorism, French government never looks into the mirror to face up its hypocrisy of enticing radical Muslims to commit acts of terrorism, first in their own countries in the Middle East, and then in Europe.  Who spread lies about supposed Gaddafi's murderous regime and bombed Libya out of existence with Rafale jets?  Who financed the false media campaign against Assad government and arming of moderate beheaders in Syria?  Well, you are not supposed to know that any of that even took place, and the mainstream media has done its job in making sure you never will.  Just keep watching CNN and BBC, sheeple!

Nation building foreign policy of the West, combined with jihadist nature of the true fundamentalist Islam, is the cause of misery for both the West and the Middle East today.  So long as the people of Europe are kept in dark about militaristic adventures and nation building by their governments in the Middle East, Europe will keep experiencing terrorist blowbacks.  Bringing our criminal governments to account will never cross our minds.  By arming and bombing Islamic countries, we entice them to jihad.  By practicing political correctness through refusing to criticize jihad and openly discuss virtues of that supposed 'religion of peace,' we inoculate ourselves from making any honest judgment about the politics of Islam for the fear of insulting muslims.

So here we have it: France financing moderate beheaders from the start, causing migratory waves of war refugees from Syria and elsewhere in Middle East to Europe, making it easy for jihadists to come to Europe and drive lorries into crowds of peaceful people out in streets celebrating freedom.  European public with zero clues about what is actually happening to them and politicians keeping their steady course unabated, complete madness!

Economic self-regulation is always better than supranational regulation - even when it is less pro-market

The following is my comment to a blog posting on European Students for Liberty website titled The Myth of EU-induced Regulation, written by Daniil Gorbatenko.  The author claimed that the fact that most EU member countries set their economic regulations higher than what the EU mandates at minimum is the solid indicator that EU economic interventionism is minimal.  The author perhaps also intended it as a soft argument for why libertarians should prefer for EU countries to stay in the EU rather than leave, because as members they are more pro-free market than they would otherwise be.

In my comment, I pointed out that freedom of a country to make its own economic decisions is more important than being mandated to follow certain rules set by the supranational entity, even if the super-state happens to command more economic freedom at a given point in time than what its members would want.  See below:

You obviously don't get it, do you?  It is not about what country sets what regulations within the EU rules, but it is the fact that that they should be able to set regulations themselves independently of the EU that matters.  With EU giving itself the power to set any standards, no matter how minuscule as compared to those of individual countries, such regulatory creeping in with minimal footprint sets a precedent that it does gain the power to set regulations and fiddle with numbers. And later on, like all benevolent governments, it surely will tweak those numbers that will cause people to start to 'Feel the Bern' in their pockets.

Remember the US Federal Reserve upon its establishment?  Not a big deal in 1913, right!  And now?  Too late, my friend!  Pay your taxes or put hour hands behind your back and rot in prison like a criminal.  For wanting to keep the fruits of your own labor for yourself!

What if some EU country all of a sudden decided that VAT at 20% is detrimental to its economy and even cutting it down to the EU mandated minimum of 15% is not low enough for them and wants lower it down to 5% or even eliminate it altogether?  Got freedom?

The EU should not be entitled to setting any of the rules mentioned in the article, just like with the minimum wage.  But just wait a couple of years and see if things remain that way.  Let's see, it will be introduced at super low 2 EUR an hour.  Not a biggie, right?  And what will a member country that 10 years down the road, with EU minimum wage rate of 5 EUR an hour, all of a sudden realizes that minimum wage law hurts most exactly those whom it intends to help, and now wants to get rid of the minimum wage altogether?  Sorry, can't do!

Freedom of a nation to determine its own laws and compete in the market is better, even if chooses to be more anti-free market than the EU itself, because it has freedom to make changes, for better or worse.