26 December, 2016

A Personal Confession of Practicing Self-censorship Due to Fear of Being Labeled a 'Russophile'

The other day on Facebook I saw this very cool and unmalicious video clip from Russia, but had no courage to share it even with my closest friends, let alone as a public post, for fear that I might be labelled a Russophile. Concerned about the possible adverse consequences, I chickened out. :) Even though I really had a great desire to share it. What kind of libertarian am I? Shame on me!

Facebook link: This Is How You Keep Kids Healthy Siberian Style!

YouTube equivalent:

However, when a friend later shared that same clip with me, I decided to write this short instant confession of my own shameful act of compliance with public wisdom as prescribed by social engineers. In this specific example, the prescribed wisdom necessitated my refraining from sharing this interesting video from Russia, because since its content doesn't degrade this eternal enemy of the West, it automatically means that there is a danger that my act will be perceived as sympathizing and glorifying the enemy. Thus the label Russophile! Therefore, it was far smarter, with an act of self-censorship, ie. ignoring the content in question, to contribute to the precious harmony in society, in which the West undoubtedly represents the and Russia is explicitly evil.

This kind of self-regimented mental state of the average individual is a result of incredible effectiveness of an experiment of social engineering - shaping of public opinion by the power centers of concentrated private special interests.

As to the subject of Russia, public opinion formed on individual's behalf is that Russia is a permanent pariah, towards which the rest of the world should continue to practice the Cold War mentality indefinitely, in order to deny Russia from acquisition of any positive light in the eyes of the rest of the world. All that is positive or - as in the example above - is interesting in potentially positive sense about Russia is to be ignored, and all that is negative about Russia is to be swiftly and thunderously brought to attention of the public.  In cases of absence of any obvious dark intentions of Russia on the international scene, it is desirable to fabricate lies and invent sinister plots in order to discredit her. In doing so, there is no need to worry about producing credible evidence because, as described by Zbigniew Brzezinski, one need only to refer to the infamous Soviet history of Russia to achieve the desired effect of its evil intentions even today, over two and half decades after the end of Cold War.

Although we love to gloat over at the wretched state of the Russian economy, all Russia's liberalizing reforms and economic progress in recent times is something we absolutely abhor, because that doesn't only pull them out of economic hardship, but also frees them from control of the West. All of Russia's military investments, innovation, military activities, and its foreign policy must be understood solely as reflections of the aspirations to revive the Soviet empire, nothing less evil than that. Whoever doesn't believe in that, they only need to be reminded of the evils of the Soviet Union. And God forbid any kind of cultural exchange with Russians, it could bring us the backwards unwanted fluency in Russian language. Because after all, we are a subtle Europeans.

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