04 January, 2011

A New Year's Resolution of a Libertarian

Here we are at the start of the 2011, and it's time to start acting out on those new year promises that so many of us made. You know, the usual promises such as resolving to lose weight, to exercise more, to stop smoking or drinking, to get better grades in school, to save more money, and so on. I myself could certainly make a pledge to lose a couple of kilograms, spend less time on my computer, and exercise more often, but that's not the kind of resolution I want to bore you with. Instead, I want to tell you about my Libertarian New Year's resolution.

Summarized in one short sentence, I promised myself to keep fighting for freedom and prosperity in my country.

While most people in Bosnia and Herzegovina would agree with reasoning that their country isn't prosperous, unless they are well-off politicians or highly successful crooks of course, many would wonder what this indication of their country not being free is all about. Website www.freedomandprosperity.tv is a good starting point where they can find out more about their precious freedom, and I surely hope that even more people will be checking it out and discovering the real truth this year. 
So to fulfill my promise of contributing to freedom and prosperity in 2011, I resolve to do the following:
I resolve to defend my natural rights and natural rights of others, to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I'll keep in mind that no-one has the right to steal, enslave, or murder, no matter who it may be or how many people may want to do it, including the government. 
I resolve to continue to remain clear of hatred and discrimination of others. I will not attack a person's intellect in order to argue issues. Instead I will treat others respectfully, listen, and acknowledge their opinions.

I promise to always speak my mind, and express my libertarian opinions, no matter how politically incorrect or how offensive it may be to my collectivist friends. I will not be afraid of being called a kook and being looked down upon for my personal convictions. Even more so, I resolve to stand up to and confront the conventional socialist wisdom that plagues the minds of people of Bosnia and Herzegovina for over 60 years, and crush it with clear reasoning and sound arguments of freedom whenever given a chance.

I resolve not to ask the government to give me handouts, but to demand of it to be left alone to work out solutions to my own problems. I promise to keep in mind that taking money away from people with force and giving it to those in need isn't charity but theft. That so-called social justice is equality in poverty, and that freedom is the mother of prosperity.

I promise to rely on my own abilities and the free market solutions for my needs whenever possible. I will educate others about how market competition delivers goods and services that are superior to those of government monopolies. To educate others that entrepreneurship is not evil but a good thing, since it promotes job creation, innovation, and creation of wealth.
I resolve to continue learning about the evils of big government and failure of collectivist systems throughout history. To continue to study principles of libertarian philosophy and free market economics, that created the freest and most prosperous countries in the world.

I resolve to resist apathy and become a more active member of the society. I will use every opportunity to educate others about the benefits of a free society. To spread the ideas of liberty through all means at my disposal. I will openly discuss politics in public. I'll talk about it with family and friends, I'll write blogs, make videos, and share my opinions in online forums with fellow countrymen.
I will pay attention to politics, by watching news and reading newspapers. I will hold our politicians accountable, by letting them know my opinion and reminding them that they are servants of us the people, and not our masters. I promise to keep reminding government that its proper role is protection of life, liberty, and property of all individuals, and nothing more.

I resolve not to blindly believe media. I promise to learn more about European Union on my own. To pay attention to the heated debates in the European Parliament, and inform everyone about the opposing views and problems inside the union. I resolve to learn about the real benefits and downfalls of EU membership, and discuss them openly with everyone I know. 
And finally, in the year ahead this libertarian resolves to keep searching for and joining forces with like minded people who cherish individual freedom and free markets over big government coercion and bureaucracy. With that in mind, I wish you all a free and prosperous New Year 2011.

For Liberty!

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