25 October, 2013

Interview With Ron Manners

A 3 part interview with Ron Manners, the Chairman of Mannwest Group Australian based mining consultation, international serial entrepreneur and an Australia's mining legend. Ron is also a passionate libertarian activist who made great contributions to the libertarian movement in Australia and beyond. In 1975, Ron helped start and run Australia's first libertarian party. In 1997 he founded and is the acting chairman of the libertarian think tank by the name of Mannkal Economic Education Foundation (http://www.mannkal.org). Finally, he is the author of several books, one of which is "Heroic Misadventures" that highlights his lifetime of business ventures around the world and Australia's economic climate in the past forty years.

Watch the entire interview on YouTube in one playlist in a higher resolution here

Part 1: Ron Manners on his Book Heroic Misadventures and advice on how to succeed in life and business

Part 1 transcript available here

Part 2: Ron Manners on his unusual path to libertarianism, creating more effective libertarian publications, and ways of fighting government bureaucracy

Part 2 Transcript available here

Part 3: Ron manners on his experiences in bringing about positive change in society

Part 3 transcript here

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