01 July, 2013

How I Self-Exiled to Preserve My Morality and Find Liberty

Fleeing the Plague of Corruption and Bureaucracy in the Post-Yugoslavia Era

What do you do when you grow old enough to realize that the society you were brought up in runs on deep, institutionalized corruption? What do you do when the realization of your own dreams is dependent upon throwing your own moral principles out the window and playing in that same unethical game?

My story begins back in the Summer of 2005, just after I had completed a nine-year education in the United States and returned home in my native Bosnia and Herzegovina. Armed with two science degrees and four years of work experience, I was eager to be back at home, to look for opportunities and to begin changing the world around me.

Please continue reading the rest of my story at: The Stateless Man

A full Serbo-Croatian version can be found at our libertarian network of alternative media website: Freedom and Prosperity TV

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