10 November, 2011

Interview with Ken Schoolland

On behalf of Freedom and Prosperity TV, in November of 2011 my wife and I visited with and interviewed professor Ken Schoolland, an associate professor of Economics and Political Science at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu Hawaii. Professor Schoolland is an economist, academic, author, and political commentator. He is most known amongst libertarian circles around the globe as the author of the World famous book “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, a Free Market Odyssey” as well as the accompanying introduction to libertarian principles titled “Philosophy of Liberty.” Over the years, professor Schoolland has written about many subjects concerning economics, education, and public policy in general, and his work has appeared in many publications around the World. He is a member of the Libertarian party in Hawaii, on whose platform he ran for US Senate in 1988 and 1990. In 2008 he threw his support behind Ron Paul for president. Professor Schoolland is currently the acting president of the International Society for Individual Liberty. Finally, Ken and his wife Li Zhao Schoolland host monthly libertarian forums under the name “The Foolish Things Salon” bringing in guest speakers, holding political discussions, and providing opportunities for people networking.

Click on this playlist link to watch all 3 clips on YouTube in one go and in larger resolution.  Individual clips of the three interview segments are below.

Part 1 of 3: Philosophy of Liberty

Part 1 transcript available here

Part 2 of 3: Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

Part 2 transcript available here

part 3 of 3: International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL)

Part 3 transcript available here

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